Design to me has always been about balance, harmony, simplicity and curiosity. These four words naturally etch their way into everything I do. The ultimate satisfaction is when one appreciates an object, it fulfills its main purposes, and it forms a level of emotional connection -and furthermore creates memories. A product naturally made to last, with a concious selection of sustainable choices throughout the whole design process. These are absolute values to me. 

Heim bicycles was and is a starting point to where I am today. Starting the business when I was 22, it shaped my perception and ideas early on to where I wanted to go with design. Having to learn the craft, runnning a business, and being my own creative director, gave me many challenges that have later grown into qualities and have made me a more diverse designer. From Heim I started my bachelors degree in industrial design at OsloMet, finishing in the spring of 2022. 

Throughout my degree I have been very curious and hands on in learning as much as possible. I didn't feel challenged enough during my second year, so I started to look outwards for work. This is when I met Jenkins&Ughner, an Oslo based designduo consisting of Thomas Jenkins and Sverre Uhnger. I got the opportunity to work on the Wallpaper x Victorinox project with them, and have since worked as a trainee with a variety of creative work, which in turn became a part time job during studies. 

After finishing my degree I looked towards the designstudio Goods in Oslo. I got the opportunity to work freelance on a packaging project between them and Nomono, which in turn landed me a full-time job as an industrial designer. The studio works with packaging design in a broad spectre with a strong sustainable agenda. Today we are a team of ten, working together on changing the way we perceive packaging, the holistic experience surrounding it and going deep into value chains to improve the footprint that packaging has on the planet. 
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