3D-printed lugs.

The first project is related to Heim bicycles, where I applied and got a scholarship through my university. The goal is to design and develop 3D-printed bicycle lugs (google it) in steel using our print lab at school. From there I will build the bike, do a custom paint job and furthermore exhibit it at The Handmade Bicycle Show, Bespoked UK, in London in the fall of 2022. The projects goal is to show modern technology combined with a traditional craft, and make use of the schools amazing workshops.

Desktop lamp inspired by Finn Juhl.

The second project is a desktop lamp I designed, inspired the Danish architect Finn Juhl. The shape is based off an armrest from one of his lounge chairs. This is a project that was nominated by Lyskultur in 2021 for Norsk Lyspris Ung and was described by the jury as following: "The concept is a strong starting point for an exciting design with a good story. It also testifies to a clear understanding of light and form. Local materials, such as wood, glass, steel, or aluminum from Norway will provide a sustainable product. With this project, the jury wants to promote and encourage more young designers to build their projects on strong conceptual ideas." The project is being developed and will be finished by the end of 2022.
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