Welcome to my personal craft and business. This is where my specialization in design started and this is a short story about it. 

My passion for bicycles has been with me my whole life, since I can remember my Father standing in the hallway with a wrench in his hand, through my first job at a local bike shop at the age of twelve, heading into downhill racing nationally at sixteen, and up until I started my own business in 2014. The interest in building custom steel bicycles came through an article about the craft, and a need to create my own workspace. A swift travel to Minnesota, USA, for an intensive four week course in fillet brazing, I headed back home with my own custom frameset. From this point I started a bicycle cafè, where I created a bike shop with a new and different environment, combining my two favorite interests at the time, bikes and coffee. Surrounded by beautiful products. I repaired, restored and started custom painting bicycles while I gradually bought tools to start building. Not too long in, I was set, and Heim bicycles was introduced through my shop. From that point I headed to one of the largest arenas for builders, Bespoked UK, twice, which led med to meet Truls Erik Johnsen, whom invited me to live and work in his workshop not far from Oslo. We worked together with each our brands under the same roof for about a year, before I wanted to delve deeper into the designworld. This led me to take a break with my craftmanship and start my journey with a BA in industrial design at OsloMet. Without the specialization within my craft, I would not have ended up where I'm currently at, so cheers for the bike! 
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