A timeless and simple chair, made purely with norwegian pine. Good for you, good for the environment. The chair is designed with a playful approach through experimenting with round log, balanced out with a mature and firm look. The name Kvart is norwegian for quarter and comes from the process of deviding a round log in four quarters. The four quarters which make up the legs, again create a circle, and the chair is whole. 

By choosing Norwegian pine, the chair is made not far from it's source, making it a sustainable choice for it's lifetime. The simplisity of the chair makes it timeless and adaptable in many arenas. Each part is easy to remove in case of repair. The backrest follows your natural movement, and the seat is shaped to your body. Both allow you to move freely and sit comfortable for longer periods of time. 

This was a three month long school assignment I did during the fall of 2021. The objective was to choose a project that would show our way of thinking as a designer and document our process clearly. In addition, criterias were to create new contacts, connect with the industry and make the project as realistic as possible towards how the industry works today. My idea was to work on what I consider important qualities as a designer, and improve upon areas that were not my strongest. After SWOT-analysing myself, doing research I figured out that I wanted to create a dining chair, and through the process try to explain my overall thoughts on what is important to me within design. 
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