Wallpaper Re-Made

This is a project I was included in by Jenkins & Ughner during the summer of 2021. The duo had been working on the project with Wallpaper and Swiss knife experts Victorinox. The idea was to re-design and modernise the arrotino, known as the knife grinder, whom traveled around Italy sharpening knives in the streets and piazzas. Included in the project was Copenhagen based cargo e-bike manufacturer Butchers & Bicycles. Throughout the summer we re-designed the Butchers cargo box, to fit a modern German grinder, the Knecht Evo 5, custom fitting a top plate in recycled plastic from The Good Plastic Company, letting us display the knives in a clean matter. Also adding our own cnc milled box to fit specific tools needed to sharpen the knives. It all wrapped up with a custom paint job in the classic Victorinox red. The goal was to end up with a environmentally friendly and sustainable project, that led to innovative solutions from thepast and towards the future. Something Victorinox were proud to say it matched. As of today (24.01.22) we are currently working on a 2.0 of the bicycle, and re-designing everything, that will be shipped to Zurich by spring. 
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